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Branded Programs

Genuine Broaster Chicken® (GBC) is a registered trademark product that has been tested since 1954. Stoker's has been part of this testing and a distributor since 1959. Broaster Chicken is a fresh marinated product that is cooked under 12 psi of pressure at 360 degrees. Because it’s produced in a Broaster Company manufactured pressure fryer, our Genuine Broaster Chicken® is more tender, juicy, and flavorful than conventionally fried chicken. Pressure frying seals in the natural flavor while sealing out more of the oil. With its lower carbs, fewer calories, and better taste, it’s easy to see why Genuine Broaster Chicken® has been an American favorite for over 50 years. One taste and you'll see why your customers will be coming back for more.

But you’re not limited to just chicken – you can pressure fry potatoes, pork chops, ribs, seafood, vegetables, and a multitude of other items using unique recipes supplied by The Broaster Company. Best of all, we’re continually adding new choices to our Genuine Broaster® program. For example, our new Broasterie® chicken is specially marinated and seasoned for a delicious, one-of-a-kind rotisserie flavor, then cooked in a Broaster Company pressure fryer to ensure that each bite is tender, juicy, and flavorful, right down to the bone. Best of all, it’s nutritionally comparable to rotisserie chicken in fat, calories, and carbohydrate content – a sure draw for the diet-conscious. Click here for additional Broasterie® Chicken info.

Click here to go to Genuine Broaster Chicken Program® Testimonials.


Broaster® Recipe Express (BRE) is a space saving limited menu version of the Broaster Chicken Program. This program uses our compact VF-3 or VF-2 ventless fryer to cook the high quality Broaster Recipe frozen food items. The VF-2 and VF-3 ventless fryers have small footprints that allow them to fit virtually any application. With no costly hoods or ventilation systems to install, plus access to our full line of ready-to-cook frozen foods, you’ll be making money in a hurry.

With Stoker's support and marketing, serving Broaster® Recipe foods has never been so simple...or profitable.


Rik Rack "Wood Roasted Foods" combines our signature rubs, sauces and recipes with Southern Pride BBQ pits. Southern Pride manufactures a state-of-the-art BBQ pit available in several diffent models with varied options and cooking capacities. With our knowledge and products, Stoker's has developed a name for quality and consistency in wood roasted foods...Rik Rack !.


Creamy Freeze 24 Flavors Ice Cream is a unique program developed by Stoker's that marries the Wadden 24 flavor system with the Carpigiani soft serve equipment. Our system features a variety of flavors that will rival the larger "franchise" shops, but doesn't stop there. This program not only allows you to offer 24 flavors of cones or shakes, but has the capability of stirring up a "Hurricane" or other frozen treats. This program allows the capabilities of a full ice cream shop in a limited space with minimal labor.

Good things do come in small packages... Creamy Freeze !!



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